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I will help you achieve your health and nutrition goals!


(c) Ulrike Schwab

Christina Dengg, MSc
Nutritional scientist
 Psychologist to-be

I help you on your journey to...


...sustain a healthy lifestyle in all stages of life including

                   childhood and adolescence



   with joy and ease.

...find a healthy way of eating that suits you & your lifestyle as well as your goals including

                   getting all your nutrients

                   building muscle

                   loose weight/gain weight

                   feel amazing in your body

                   prevent disease


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Areas of Expertise

Sports Nutrition

Vegan Diet

Weight Loss

Nutrition in All Stages of Life

  Longterm Diet Change

your feedback


Nutritional Consultation

"I think it's great that you bring your own experience as a vegan to the consultation. For me personally, that's very important because I feel very comfortable/safe :-)


I was happy that you responded quickly and spontaneously made an appointment."

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Nutritional Coaching

"I really learned a lot and became aware of what is important. It was also great that you took away a lot of my insecurities with your knowledge about vegan nutrition. And I think that I can enjoy eating even more, because I now feel great afterwards.

The fact that I eat a lot less sugar and have replaced the many sugary snacks, which is definitely good for me, is what makes me really happy because I couldn't do it myself. Your guidance and tips were exactly what I needed.

And I was never hungry was also very important to me!"

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Nutritional Consultation


"I thought it was great how prepared and informed you always were and how you adjusted to me as a person. I also thought your focus on scientific knowledge was great and I fully share it.


I felt incredibly comfortable on a personal and professional level ! :) "

Screenshot 2022-05-09 210912.jpg
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For nutrition tips, insights into nutritional sciences, recipes and much more check out my Instagram feed (@christina_dengg)

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