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Nutrition in Different Stages of Life

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, childhood or old age - the nutritional requirements and eating habits differ in different phases of life.


Diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The energy need and the requirement for certain vitamins and minerals differ considerably from the requirement before pregnancy. The choice of food and thus the composition of nutrients should be considered carefully during pregnancy in order to ensure optimal care for mother and child. It is also very important to select dietary supplements in a targeted and careful manner.


Diet in Childhood and Adolescence

A balanced diet in childhood and adolescence is an essential building block for growth, development, health, physical and mental performance. It has a considerable influence on nutritional behavior and the development of diseases in adulthood. When it comes to eating and drinking, children and adolescents have different needs and eating habits than adults. Adults, especially parents, have an important role model function when it comes to eating and can greatly influence the eating habits of children and adolescents.


Diet in older adulthood

A healthy lifestyle not only allows us to live longer but also with fewer restrictions and illnesses. Diet can have a major impact on the aging process.


The energy demand decreases with age while the nutritional requirement remains. This and many other aspects, such as physiological changes, decreasing appetite, side effects of medication, etc., contribute to the fact that it can be difficult to eat appropriately in older adulthood. Nutrient-rich foods and the targeted use of supplements can contribute significantly to better health and quality of life in older adulthood.


Especially in sensitive phases of life, we can have a strong influence on well-being, our health and quality of life with a balanced diet adjusted to our individual needs. I want to help you achieve a better life quality through a diet tailored to your needs or lay the foundation for your child's health and healthy eating behavior later in life.


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