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Nutritional Coaching

Counseling and ongoing support

In addition to a monthly 60-minute nutritional consultation (in person or online), I will support you through an app. You can book the coaching in different packages (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).


A permanent diet change can be very difficult. For many, knowing what to eat is not enough since they need active support. I would like to be that support for you and accompany you on your journey.


Nutritional knowledge and psychology

In this program, I employ psychological strategies (e.g. health behavior theories and appropriate interventions) that will best help you achieve and maintain your goals and overcome barriers. We will set goals together that we will achieve gradually and sustainably.


Supervision with the app

In the nutrition app (German or English) through which I will support you, you will deal with your diet, eating behavior and lifestyle in your individual program on a daily basis. I'm always there for you to answer questions, make adjustments as needed and make sure you stick with it and achieve your goals.









Book a free initial consultation now to learn more about nutritional coaching:

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