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Long-term Diet Change

Long-term changes

Knowing what to eat is one thing. But integrating this into everyday life is very difficult for most people. I will support you intensively with your transition and help you to achieve and maintain your individual goals.


Your personal story

A successful change in diet requires so much more than just nutritional knowledge. We don't just eat to survive. Social aspects, psychological aspects, habits, cultural ideas, upbringing, etc., have a great influence on what we eat, how we eat, why we eat and when we eat. What a person is eating right now is just part of a long story. I'll watch your personal story with you. This holistic view helps you achieve a long-term change in diet, in a healthful way, and most importantly with joy.



In order to help you with a long-term, healthy diet change, I refer not only to the current state of research in nutritional sciences but also to current psychological theories and findings. Everyone is unique and, if they want to make a lifestyle change, a  holistic view that also includes psychological aspects is needed.

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