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Sports Nutrition

Competitive and professional sports

Competitive and professional sports place high demands on the body. The energy and nutrient supply must be optimized in order to avoid deficiencies and to promote performance. An optimized diet can help you regenerate more quickly and achieve new personal bests. A well-planned diet is also an essential component of competition preparation.


Muscle building and improvements in endurance

An optimized diet also allows amateur athletes to enhance their performance. Furthermore, it supports muscle building in weight training and improves endurance performance.


Own experience and successes

I also deal intensively with sports nutrition for personal reasons. As a pole dancer who also teaches this sport and takes part in competitions, I know what a great influence an adequate diet can have on performance in sports.


Whether it's preparation for a competition, faster regeneration, better performance in endurance sports, or building muscle - I will support you in achieving your optimum.


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