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About me

Christina - a nutritionist through and through

Hello, I'm Christina, a passionate nutritionist.



I completed my masters degree in nutritional sciences with distinction. Through various jobs in areas such as weight loss coaching, vegan nutrition and dietary supplements, I have gained a lot of practical experience for my consultations. I am also studying psychology at the University of Vienna, as I am fascinated by the connection between psychology and nutrition. That also helps me to see nutrition and diet changes in a larger context.


Interests and Values

I love sports, I teach poledance and participate in competitions. Sports nutrition is, therefore, one of my areas of expertise. I see health and nutrition in a holistic context that also includes, for example, the ecological and ethical aspects of nutrition and the psychology of eating. I also like to cook, and I am particularly interested in the vegan cuisine.


Science as a Basis

I am aware that there is a lot of - sometimes contradicting - information about nutrition.  It has always been important to me to really get to the bottom of things and to deal intensively with the scientific evidence behind nutrition. I want to pass this knowledge on in an understandable way.


My Goal

I want to help people with my nutritional and psychological knowledge to set, implement and maintain their nutrition and health goals. I also want to pass on my knowledge and support people in making healthy decisions with great joy.


I would love to get to know you! :)



Kongresse und Tagungen: Vegmed (2016 & 2018) - Europas größter Kongress für vegane & vegetarische Ernährungsmedizin ÖGE Jahrestagung 2018 – Ernährungstrends, Lebensstil und Sporternährung Fortbildungen: Fettstoffwechselstörungen & Diabetes – Eine Frage der Ernährungsform? COVID-19 und Long-COVID – Immunrelevante Mikronährstoffe Laborwerte bei pflanzlicher Ernährung Ernährung in der Rehabilitation – Maßnahmen für Muskelaufbau & Effektivität Happy mood – Omega-3 und Psyche BIA - vertiefendes Wissen Trends in der Sporternährung 2022 Vegane Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit Geschlechtsspezifische Aspekte zur Sporternährung Ausdauersport und pflanzliche Ernährung Antioxidantien, freie Radikale, und oxidativer Stress im Kontext der Sporternährung Kritische Nährstoffe in der veganen Ernährung - Ernährungsempfehlunge für Ausdauer und Kraftsportarten Neues zu Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln und ergogenen Substanzen Vegane Ernährung in Schwangerschaft, Stillzeit und Kleinkindalter

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