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Vegan Nutrition

Vegan for 8 years

For ethical, ecological and partly health reasons, I have been eating plant-based foods since 2013 and, in addition to in-depth knowledge, I also have many practical tips for you to facilitate your entry into the vegan diet or to make your existing diet healthier.

Advantages and stumbling blocks

A vegan diet can offer some health benefits, such as preventing diseases such as heart attack or type 2 diabetes mellitus, slowing down the aging process or supporting healthy, long-term weight loss. To achieve these desired effects and defects  To be able to prevent, you have to pay attention to a few things in a plant-based diet and be well versed in the subject. Some micronutrients such as iodine or certain long-chain omega-3 fatty acids can be neglected.  

Vegan diet for sensitive groups

For sensitive groups (pregnant women, breastfeeding women, infants, children and adolescents) it is even more essential to ensure an adequate intake of critical micro- and macronutrients or to use appropriate supplements in a targeted manner. Recognized nutrition societies such as the German Society for Nutrition e. V. recommends that sensitive groups seek advice from nutritionists.

Regardless of whether it is a vegan diet for children, for sports, for pregnant and breastfeeding women or for adults - a lot of mindfulness and knowledge is necessary. I'll show you how you can eat a vegan diet based on your needs. I want to help you get the most out of your vegan diet so that you feel full of energy, healthy and happy in the long term.


B12 supply is often critical for vegans

Vegans are strongly advised to supplement with vitamin B12. B12 is only found in foods of animal origin. Vegans, but also vegetarians, should have their holotranscobalamin (Holo-TC, active B12) checked regularly in their blood.



Vegane Ernährung - lecker, gesund und einfach:


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